Aircraft are regularly utilized to perform a variety of missions across the state of Florida. FICC engages Exclusive Use and Call-When-Needed aircraft and often orders additional aircraft from out of state during the prescribed burning and fire seasons. Aircraft missions are performed throughout the year with a focus on safe and effective operations.

The National Forests in Florida regularly utilize Exclusive Use Type 3 Helicopters for aerial ignitions for prescribed fires and aerial detection during the fire season. The Fish and Wildlife service also have an Exclusive Use Type 3 Helicopter available for various missions. The National Parks make extensive use of Helicopters for resource management objectives and utilize fixed wing for aerial detection purposes and Type 3 Airtankers during the fire season.

There is one Airtanker base located in Lake City and another temporary Airtanker base can be set up in Punta Gorda in the south of Florida. Most agencies have dedicated Helibases equipped and staffed for consistent use including Helen Guard, Smokey, Oasis and Homestead Helibases.

FICC works closely with local military installations and the State of Florida to ensure good communication and deconfliction for all aircraft operations. Qualified dispatchers, agency personnel and contractors performing aircraft operations for FICC all work together as an effective and safe air operations team.